Literature of the Liberation, The French Experience in Print 1944-1946
Exhibition catalogue
Cambridge University Library 2014
ISBN 978 0 902205 68 0

A Walk along Hadrian’s Wall
The Penchant Press 2009
ISBN 978 0 95437 562 1
73 photographs that illustrate Britain’s grandest monument as it spans one of our most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes. The photographs are of the Wall, the landscape, the forts, and ancient castles and monuments near the wall, and of the people who walk this wonderful trail. Every photograph is accompanied by its location and a descriptive text which give the history and significance of the subject of the photograph.
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John Monks Paintings
The Penchant Press 2008
ISBN 978 0 9543756 1 4
John Monks left the Royal College of Art in 1980 and since then has been painting professionally. He paints interiors, landscapes and still lives, and has developed an entirely distinctive style using an increasingly rich palette in recent years. His paintings and drawings are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Victoria and Albert Museum; the Yale Center for British Art; and Manchester City Art Gallery. He is also represented in leading corporate collections including Ocean Transport and Trading plc and Unilever plc. A list of his exhibitions is on p.141. This is the first comprehensive overview of John’s work over the last 25 years. In it the 102 paintings, drawings and prints are grouped by subject. Reproduction of the paintings was overseen by the artist himself.

Cecil Lubbock, a short biography
The Penchant Press 2008
ISBN 978 0 9543756 3 8
A short biography of Cecil Lubbock that places this brilliant and extraordinary man in the context of his time – from the late 19th century to the 1940s. Head boy of Eton; with a first class degree in Greats at Oxford, he became a managing director of Whitbread, was a Fellow of Eton College, and was on the Court of the Bank of England for 33 years. He was one of Montagu Norman’s closest friends and confidants; was Deputy Governor for two terms, and was responsible for the controversial plans for the rebuilding of the Bank of England in the 1920s. Yet as a friend wrote in The Times after his death, ‘True greatness is hard to define, and Cecil Lubbock’s combination of scholarship, distinction in the City, and Christianity defies the written word’.

‘The New Textual Technologies’ in A Companion to the History of the Book
Edited by Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose
Blackwell Publishing 2007
ISBN 978 1 4051 2765 3

Machu Picchu & The Camera
Exhibition catalogue
Introduction by Hugh Thomson
The Penchant Press 2002
ISBN 978 0 9542656 0 7
Demonstrating the relationship between photography and the discovery of Machu Picchu and its later development as major tourist destination, from its discovery by Hiram Bingham in 1912 to 2001.
With photographs by Hiram Bingham, Martin Chambi, Hugh Thomson, and Charles Chadwyck-Healey.