71 photographs by Charles Chadwyck-Healey that illustrate Britain’s grandest monument as it spans one of our most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes.

The walk took place in June 2006. The photographs taken on the walk can be scrolled from right to left (East to West, the direction of the walk) or from left to right (West to East).

The photographs are of the Wall, the landscape, the forts, and ancient castles and monuments near the wall, and of the people who walk this wonderful trail.

It is a personal selection of photographs. It is not a guidebook and does not attempt to include every feature along the Wall.

Distances are given in miles along the Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail, starting from Wallsend in the East. Where the location is off the Path two distances are given – the distance to the point at which one leaves the Path, and the distance of the detour from it.

An Ordnance Survey grid reference locates each photograph. The prefix letters NY and NZ refer to adjoining 100,000 metre squares.

The photographs and text are the copyright of Charles Chadwyck-Healey and may not be reproduced without permission.